Does Pigeonholing Affect the Music Industry?
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When we have so much information at our fingertips and our pace is relentless, we are likely to read only the ‘headlines’ rather than the whole content. In addition, entire stories, genres, and even people are reduced to mere summaries by these generation-induce coping mechanisms.


In today’s world, the elevator pitch is the only thing people need to know to form an opinion. It has gone from being an introduction to becoming the only thing they need to know. For example, the artist’s narrative isn’t what we’re listening to on Spotify in 60 seconds; rather, it’s the hook we’re looking for. Another example is the use of emojis instead of sentences to send messages.


Unfortunately, it has become the standard practice to anticipate and withhold any new information within just a few seconds.


The problem is we’re all busy – what’s the deal?

As you know, audiences have a short attention span and anything requiring more time is just too much to ask. That’s why there’s always a plethora of reality TV shows and judge’s shows.

Did you know that 90 per cent of Top 40 songs are without an intro, as well as why box sets are binge-watched as soon as they appear? Have you noticed the ‘Skip Intro’ button on Netflix?


In the creative industries, this truism is damaging (and unfair if you ask us). It is very likely that opportunities for creating an original piece of work could be missed by placing ‘creativity’ in narrowly pre-defined boxes. As a result, the work is predictable and moderately challenging. Here, we can all agree that there is not anything original about this work!


Across all walks of life, there are countless examples to draw from, but let’s use music as an example. It is not surprising that Childish Gambino achieved the biggest cultural success of the past 20 years with “This is America”, yet his previous roles were in sitcoms and as a stand-up comedian. Before becoming the world’s greatest chromatic harmonica player, Stevie Wonder played chromatic harmonica for Motown. In addition to mod-influenced freakbeat and Berlin-influenced electro, Bowie also experimented with drum and bass in the post-Millennium era. Just when you think you can’t get any more shocking, Bjork drops a big band record out of nowhere.


These artists amongst others know that being creative is important not only for their reputation but also for producing amazing work that separates them from others.


Dedicated to producing quality and authentic music, we, Rabbeats, reject pigeon-holing. It is not good for the industry, our clients but also us. The sound design and music composition we provide for our clients is something we are known for. Past experience and performance have shown that in order to be heard and seen you must be innovative and always produce quality music (for any project; small or big).


Recently, a client of ours decided not to give us a specific project believing that we couldn’t deliver the specific music genre they wanted for their advert. But they never gave us the chance to show them that Rabbeats can also be creative in this music genre.


According to the producer, “we didn’t think that you could create something cool for our music project”. We had to be put in a ‘box’ by him. As a result, he couldn’t understand why we might be good at something else because we were good at one thing. The surprising fact is that two weeks before them rejecting us, we had produced an original music composition for that specific genre. Only if they knew…


The fact that we are good at one thing might lead us to be good at other things as well. That is why we believe that the whole music industry must always strive to be creative and not be afraid to present more ‘bold’ ideas to new projects.


And finally…the $1 million question…

How can we break through and get people’s attention? Especially when time is always a currency we’re short of, particularly for busy deadline-oriented clients.


In order for us to be successful, we need people to have an understanding of who we are and what we stand for – quality work and creativity that can address the needs of any given brief.


At Rabbeats we enjoy pushing the boundaries that produce high-quality music for your projects. Why don’t give us a call to see how we can help you with your music requirements?

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